If you are a new company or want to re-paint an existing parking lot, Alpha Services provides line painting services for your business. Why is line painting important? 3 reasons. Curb appeal, safety, and convenience.

Curb appeal starts in your parking lot. When your existing parking lot lines begin to fade away, it doesn’t look good. Fresh, newly painted lines look great. It seems like a minimal task to worry about, but it increases the appeal of your parking lot. Your parking lot is the very first thing that customers or clients see when they come to your business.  A freshly painted parking lot makes a positive first impression, before they even walk in the doors.

Line painting provides your parking lot with increased safety and traffic control markings that are essential to promote safety regulations in your parking lot.  If your company has large amounts of traffic, crosswalk markings may be necessary for pedestrian safety.  Parking lot markings also notifies drivers of the correct locations they can park.  Handicapped designated parking spots should be clearly defined by pavement markings near the entryway.  If there are “employee only” parking zones these should be notified by pavement markings or signs.  One way traffic lanes should be marked to help avoid traffic jams or accidents. Cars that can’t see the parking lines often tend to park wherever they want.  Clear, bold markings help to ease confusion and allow for a smooth traffic flow in the parking lot.

If you have a small parking lot, a large amount of customers or employees, or frequently host large events, it is important that you have clearly defined parking spots. When the lines are faded, drivers tend to take up multiple spaces and this could impact the capacity of your lot and cost you business.

It is a lot more convenient for a driver when the pavement lines are easily seen. Many drivers won’t park in a lot that has a bad parking situation, in fear that their car might get damaged by door dings.  Having clearly defined parking spots eases the mind of every driver and is convenient for the average driver wanting to park at your business without the hassle.  When customers or clients spend less time parking or in traffic jams, they spend more time in your business. Upgrading your parking lot lines can benefit you and your consumers.

When there is snow on the ground, the lines on the pavement become less visible to drivers.  It is absolutely necessary to make sure that you take the necessary steps to ensure your business has a safe parking lot.

Don’t put your company at risk. Alpha Services can help you upgrade your parking lot with their professional line painting services.