Ditch your traditional cleaning methods, and reach out to Alpha Services to provide you with industrial cleaning services.  Cleaner workspaces allow employees and customers to breathe cleaner air. The cost of your industrial equipment is high, so protect it by investing in industrial cleaning services today!

That traditional vacuum and mop you’ve been using is leaving residue behind!  Industrial vacuuming removes liquids, sludge and dense materials in a variety of industrial settings.  Cleaners eliminate these health problems because they clean without spreading the debris and dust.

There are dust particles, bacteria, and allergens trapped in your carpet that builds up over time.  A deep clean might be exactly what your flooring surfaces need! Alpha will do all the work for you, vacuuming confined spaces, roofs, rafters, silos, tanks, ductwork, mixers, stacks, and industrial ovens to remove any built up materials.

Without industrial vacuuming, the particles and bacteria from the carpet are released into the air and can cause sickness in the workplace.  Although the industrial cleaning services cost money, in the long run, money is saved that would have been spent on employee health issues.

Other popular industrial cleaning services include pit cleaning, power washing, dock cleaning, and confined space cleaning.  Consider the following cleaning services to ensure your business provides a clean and safe environment for your employees.

Large holdings of waste, storm water, sledge, or grease can cause problems. Over time, they may build up so materials can no longer pass through sewers and drains.  This blockage of waste poses a threat to the environment, releasing harmful gases into the atmosphere. Car washes, elevators, community sewers, and factories can benefit from pit cleaning services.

Power washing is high pressure water washing that is a safe, cost-effective method of cleaning interior and exterior surfaces that accumulate grime, sludge and oil that have built up on your buildings or equipment.

No delivery driver wants to deliver goods to an unsanitary loading dock.  Cleaning your loading dock is the last thing on your list of to-do’s, but it’s important. Dirt, residue, and spilled materials reside on the floor of trucks that haul supplies and food. These materials are transferred to your loading docks when shipments arrive.  Take the necessary precautions and get your loading dock cleaned today.

Confined space cleaning is a highly complex and in some cases a dangerous job which should only be undertaken by trained professionals using the latest equipment. A confined space may have enough room for a staff member, but not much else.  Equipment such as cleaning tanks, silos, and other industrial equipment can be dangerous. Injuries related to confined spaces could be prevented if a professional does the task.

Consider Alpha Services for all your industrial cleaning services today!