With summer right around the corner, there has never been a better time to check your HVAC system for any problems or issues. Your HVAC helps keep your facilities cool and comfortable during the summer heat. There are many benefits to maintaining your HVAC system. While you should always have a trained professional do a thorough inspection of your system, there are some simple measures you can take to help keep your HVAC system in great condition.

  1. Invest in a better air filter. I know this might seem like a waste of money, but all air filters are not created equal. Tons of bacteria particles exist in the air. These particles can cause illness and other health related problems. New high quality filters come with pleated filters that have an electrostatic charge that help catch harmful bacteria.
  2. You may notice that your air filter looks blacked or clogged. If this is the case, make sure and change it. On average, you should wait no more than 90 days to change your air filter. If you have pets, or an extra dirty work environment, you made need to change your filter more often.
  3. One of the easiest ways to keep your HVAC system running right is keeping it clear of debris and other obstructions. In the summer months especially, sticks twigs and grass can easily get caught in your outdoor units. Always make sure that lawn mower clippings and debris are blown away from the units.
  4. In summer, shut off the water supply to the furnace humidifier. In fall (or when you anticipate turning on the heat), replace the humidifier wick filter, set the humidistat to between 35% and 40% relative humidity, and turn on the water supply

While there are things that you can do yourself to keep your HVAC system in great condition, there are some things that you should leave to the professionals.

  1. A lose electrical connection is a disaster waiting to happen. Professional electrical connection tightening will greatly decrease the odds of shorts in the system.
  2. Just like almost all equipment, if your HVAC system isn’t properly lubricated then you will run into problems. Adding lubrication will reduce friction between moving parts, which will ultimately save you money by increasing efficiency.
  3. In the warm summer months you may be losing money if your evaporator and condenser coils are dirty. By cleaning them, you can expect to save money and increase efficiency.
  4. Whether you know it or not, your HVAC system produces condensate by running. This condensate drained into a collecting pan. If this goes unchecked, allege, mold and other bacteria can form which may prevent proper draining. This will lead to a possible overflow within the pan, which may cause water damage to your equipment. The best way to prevent this is by hiring a professional to clean your collecting pan.

When inspecting an HVAC system, it is always important to hire a professional with the skills and knowledge necessary to diagnosis and repair your system. Regular professional maintenance can help increase the life of your machine and keep it running properly. Alpha Services specializes in HVAC Cleaning and maintenance. Call us today for all your HVAC needs.