Big facilities make big messes. Whether it be metal casting, paint development, or manufacturing of parts for automobiles and tractors, cleanup is key to the upkeep of a facility, as well as productivity overall for a company.

Employee performance begins to drop as soon as your employees have mild discomfort; for example, itchy eyes, dry throat, and lethargicness. Discomfort of employees is linked directly to the output your facility sees. Many of these discomforts are connected to the cleanliness of your industrial plant. The less polluted your facility is, the less physical discomfort your employees will experience.

Discomfort leads to slower work and less productivity, but when employees are injured, it leads to missing days at a time, creating an inefficient environment.This can slow overall productivity for weeks at a time. Injuries occur in dirty and improperly cleaned work environments – in 2012, 11% of workers in foundry plants sustained injuries on the job. Frequently, these injuries are caused by employees cleaning spaces improperly; if this space is confined, or hard to clean safely, employees sustain injuries even faster. Employees who enter permit-only confined spaces can encounter oxygen deficiency, toxic chemicals, and engulfment – specialists are required if your confined spaces are to be cleaned properly and securely. Our personnel are trained to remove equipment from confined spaces, as well as ensure they are cleaned correctly. In order to avoid worker injuries caused by confined spaces, the use of industrial cleaners like Alpha Services must be utilized. A poor work environment leads to poor worker output: the sooner your business is cleaned using the industrial techniques Alpha Services offers, the better.

Large industrial plants are packed with machinery that must be upkept in order to maintain efficiency. Unplanned downtime due to maintenance needs, slower running machines, worn equipment can all be linked to cleaning needs. The cleaner your machinery, and the environment your machinery is in, the more efficient the factory. In addition to the cleanliness of machines, upkeep is just as important. Proper lubrication of machines is key to preservation of machinery. Industrial cleaners ensure that the lubrication used on your machinery is stored in a safe and clean environment to prevent oil contamination, which leads to equipment failure frequently. Once lubed, controlling the contamination of oil inside of a machine is just as important, and can be done through the use of specialists. The proactivity of keeping machines in working condition through environmental and pit cleaning leads to less inefficiencies in productivity. In addition to keeping machines running, keeping machines clean creates a longer life span through the reduction of wear and tear.

Many industrial plant managers and owners understand the importance of efficiency and productivity, but most don’t realize that a dirty workplace is statistically proven to be less productive. The importance of clean work environments spans all industries, as dirty workplaces breed injuries and create avoidable equipment repairs. All of this downtime, whether it be employees or machines, can easily be prevented by proper cleaning and maintenance of your overall facilities. Keep your business efficient by keeping it clean through the use of specialists in the industrial clean up business, like Alpha Services.