Alpha Services is committed to providing the best service.

The Alpha Services team set the highest standard of quality for our company. Employees can see this in our commitment to training and providing the best service possible. We believe our success is measured by the quality of our employees and the continuing pursuit of excellence. Alpha Services is capable of providing a wide array of customer needs through our highly qualified and thoroughly trained personnel. Alpha Services promptly responds to your needs, delivering services with the highest ethical standards and commitment to safety.

Within the Alpha family, we offer a variety of industrial cleaning and maintenance solutions through Alpha Services – a sister company to Alpha Express.  We started offering these services in 2004 after we realized that many local businesses were unable to efficiently clean parking lots for their customers.

From there, there was a need to increase accessibility and reduce confusion among customers. This is when we began our striping and sweeping services.  Soon we expanded our industrial cleaning services which can help manufacturers, warehouses, churches, offices, stadium, and etc. areas to be in tip-top shape.

Every day, facilities across a variety of sectors rely on specialized machines and equipment.  Over time, machinery can be worn down by heavy use or affected by accumulating debris — Let Alpha Services help extend the lifespan of your equipment through regular cleaning and maintenance.

Our industrial cleaning services will help ensure that your business remains in compliance with all health and safety regulations, while making a positive impression. Just like our Alpha Express Delivery Services, we offer a wide range of options at affordable prices. We strive to be first in not only delivery but also industrial cleaning and industrial maintenance.