Alpha Services is a leader in the Cedar Valley in the industrial cleaning services industry. We strive to provide unrivaled industrial cleaning services to your company. Cleanliness might be taken for granted but potential clients consider it significantly when choosing vendors. Businesses also lose productivity due to spending time cleaning their machinery. Modern cleaning methods such as dry ice has expedited this process. The cost of these industrial appliances are high so protecting the condition of the equipment can save a business significant amounts of money in the long run. Alpha Services has the industrial cleaning experience, support and safety training that is required to fulfill all your company’s industrial cleaning needs. Alpha Services specialize in providing a variety of top quality industrial cleaning services such as:


Confined Space Cleaning

Alpha Services industrial cleaning services for confined spaces range from a simple brush down and vacuum, removal of loose contaminants, pressure washing with an approved detergent pre-spray, or air-chiseling and jack hammering to remove heavy product build-up. A confined space may have enough room for a staff member to enter and exit the area but there may not be room for much else. Cleaning tanks, silos, and other industrial equipment can be dangerous. Depending on the type of machinery being cleaned, a permit to enter may be required. Alpha Services ensures that cleaning these spaces is done safely. OSHA has found that 85% of confined space related injuries could be prevented. Let Alpha Services clean up a recent spill, remove equipment, or simply maintain the confined space.


Industrial Vacuuming

Cleaner workspaces allow employees and customers to breathe cleaner air. Dust particles, allergens, and bacteria can build up on floors, so it is important to give these surfaces a deep clean. Traditional brushes and mops leave residue behind. This makes them less effective then our industry leading equipment. Alpha Services industrial vacuuming removes liquids, sludge and dense materials within a variety of industrial settings. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on heavy-duty machinery, reach out to Alpha Services.  Alpha Services vacuums confined spaces, roofs, pits, rafters, shafts, silos, tanks, conveyors, dust collectors, ductwork, mixers, stacks, and industrial ovens  We remove or transfer a variety of materials several hundred feet, such as sand, steel shot, peat rock, dense rock, cement, sludge, abrasives, slag, chips, fly ash, grain products, filter media, scale residue, and paint residue.


Pit Cleaning

Large holdings of waste, storm water, sledge, or grease can cause a host of problems. Over time they may back up so materials are no longer able to pass through drains and sewers. These materials could surface and release harmful gases into the atmosphere. Car washes, elevators, community sewers, and factories can benefit from pit cleaning services. The days of squeezing into a tight area to clean can be a thing of the past with Alpha Services pit cleaning crew. Pits entered include but are not limited to elevator pits, grain & feed salvage pits, process pits, conveyor pits, foundry pits, separator pits, paint booth pits, dryer pits, mixer pits, stormwater pits and lift station pits.  Alpha Services will not consider a job complete until it is done properly and the customer is satisfied with quality work in a timely manner.  Our crews are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week on a routinely scheduled basis for a quick response.


Dock Cleaning

In the Midwest, our roadways see thousands of trucks hauling supplies and food. These items are carried on large pallets but when was the last time your company cleaned the loading dock? Dirt and spilled materials on the floor of these structures can make unloading and reloading difficult. An unsanitary loading dock may be off-putting to the drivers who deliver shipments. Don’t put your staff’s well-being at risk, request Alpha Services to clean up dock.


Environmental Cleaning

Many chemicals and industrial cleaning methods cause adverse effects to those who inhale them. As a way to protect others, Alpha Services cleans up harmful waste. This decreases the amount of time that these dangerous materials are exposed to the atmosphere. Please inquire about our collection of environmentally friendly cleaning equipment and request Alpha Services to handle all of your environmental cleaning needs.


Power Washing

All types of structures go through wear and tear. Accumulating grime, sludge, and oil can cause harm to your buildings and equipment. If a significant build up of these materials is allowed it can clog vents or other passageways. This could lead to localized flooding or cracked ceilings and siding. High pressure water washing, is a safe, cost-effective method of cleaning interior and exterior surfaces. This is the most common industrial cleaning service today. Prevent unnecessary expenses by scheduling a power wash with Alpha Services today.